Would you date yourself?

First thing that came to my mind after reading this post was this video;


About yourself, you are not given any option to date or not date. You’re just handed over a body, a brain and a personality that is naturally you and will stay that way until you are no more. You may try to introduce a few changes in your self but essentially how the nature made you, you are EXACTLY that with a few tweaks, of course.

Those people suck in dating others who have not figured themselves out first. Or they believe they are different than what they actually ARE. Remember those true colors that people find in all of us which come as a shock? Yeah… that kind of individual which we refuse to admit. Some live in that self-denial until their last moments, some identify such issues earlier to live a better and happier lives.

Now, this is my 2nd reblog of a newly-found interesting blogger within last 24 hours and I hope she won’t press stalking charges against me 🙂


Hairdresser wait times. They are a particular timezone all their own, it seems. You’re warped into a bend of time where it starts to crawl so slowly that reading anything becomes acceptable just to make the clock run faster.  Even….. Cosmopolitan (or some shitty how-to-be-a-woman magazine of a similar category).

And as I sat there yesterday, I made the distinct mistake to pick one up and….-gasp-….open it up to read. The tantalizing title ‘Would you date yourself – a one question guide to true love‘ drew me in. And boy. Was my life changed (albeit not necessarily for the better).

The article posed that in order to become the perfect candidate for a healthy relationship one need do only one thing:
Ask yourself whether you would date you.

(fuck it, that’s just as unbelievable as those one ingredient banana pancakes I still managed…

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