A Woman Can Never Be My Friend

I don’t enter into any friendship with a woman. She can very well be my fling, one-night stand, date, family or acquaintance. But never a friend. Because for friendship, I choose only men whom I can’t kiss or make love. That sort of keeps me from complicating our relationship.

I have lost many beautiful females just because we could not stop having sex. Whether I am to fault or the women, the question is why can’t we both have a bit of control upon our physical needs, urge or passion?

And then, these questions come to my mind;

Who doesn’t want to kiss a beautiful person? Who doesn’t want to hold them in their arms, hugging, running their hands all over such a hot body? And then, of course who can keep from not having sex? Only an abnormal, shy or a totally incapable or eternally single person, maybe.

Being yourself sometimes comes with a price. And no matter how much you have to pay in forms of separation or never being able to see each other again, its fruits (of coitus) are still something that you cherish for the rest of your life.

Not advocating a promiscuous life here cause I hate such individuals (sluts) to the core of my bones. Its more about choosing and allowing the kind of beautiful individuals that you wish to be with.

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