Seemingly Free People Imprisoned By Money

I was enjoying my meal in an expensive restaurant when I noticed sadness in the doorbell man’s eyes. I felt like this guy is imprisoned in this 8-hours job shift just like other restaurant staff. And when I realized that it was my money that was feeding their mouths and their family, I felt ashamed at the possibility of my money buying their precious free hours that should not carry any value in terms of paper currency.

Today I am 50 and while working all around the world during those decades, why did not I feel like that before? Every passing year and moment is bringing a strange kind of observation that surprise me too. The way we are living these lives and no matter how imperfect are these systems of carrying on with the life, they are still somehow working to the extent of basic human survival.

I see birds and animals fighting the same survival war, yet I see them far more happier, playful and enjoying than humans. These sad looks, depression and not being able to be content is killing them all from deep within. Not to mention the negative energy these individuals spread around us.

For example, I am enjoying my meal happily and it was totally destroyed by the sad look in that security guy’s poor eyes. Why can’t he fake happiness or smile just like everyone else in the restaurant staff?

I wonder!

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