Lowering The Bar – Denise Berg

In this blog post of hers, she points to two kinds of people in her life;

Relationships. Instead of being all things to all people, I’m going to just be myself – the messy, outspoken, kind, and generous conglomeration that is I. I know that seems nuts that anyone would think they just couldn’t be themselves…but I had been conditioned to believe that being honest about my true self was somehow unattractive. So, I hid. BUT…in order to lower the bar I will just be myself and those who can’t handle it, well, then I’ll check them off the ‘people to call when life gets hard’ list and move them to the ‘Hey, the bands playing tonight…come on out’ list. It’s not calloused…its just simple math. I don’t have the time or energy to exert when it comes to making anyone else happy. Oprah said this happens when a woman moves toward her 50’s. I thought she just said that stuff to sell magazines. Now I kind of believe it.

Denise Berg



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