Dream Series: Sonic Pandemic In The Absence Of Love

In this dream, I am in the coldest Siberian town Oymiakon in Russia. I hear a news about a strange pandemic that has something to do with using coins. To see if its true, I went out and saw some people’s bodies zipping by me in sonic speed in various directions. Not all of them were going crazy like that. There were a few calm and normally walking around.

First I dismissed that as a pandemic and counted myself as another calm and normal individual like a few remaining uninfected. In a large park, I saw a few people gathered around something. Out of curiosity, I went closer. I saw people handing a coin to the other and overheard someone saying that whoever takes their eyes off the coin, gets infected by the sonic virus that zips their bodies to far far places.

I took it as a farce and when I saw the coin, I took my eyes off it. The moment last one amongst the crowd had vanished, I suddenly felt a huge power of something that was pushing my body like a tornado. My body went flying by all the way from Oymiakon Russia to New York USA.

There I found the same sonic virus infecting people differently. It was turning them all crazy. I was in a courtroom and the year was 1800 something. Neatly dressed security guards, lawyers and judges were passing by me and I noticed those neatly polished door-stoppers in the courtroom.

I heard the judge is coming to the courtroom. I seated myself only to see the judge laughing like hell alongwith other crazy companions. Suddenly their staff started rolling in the air, almost landing on the rooftop near fan.

In the midst of all that craziness, I called one of my Ex’s in Chicago. She was happily surprised to hear my voice and did not believe that I was back in USA already. And when I assured her I am in New York, she invited me over by asking her current boyfriend to go on vacations for a few weeks.

The end of dream.

I think in this dream the coin is symbolic expression of love and whoever takes his or her eyes off the love, becomes crazy.

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