An Idea Of A Motivational Podcast or YouTube Channel Is Born

While discussing with the fellow blogger Sabrina about life, love and its triumph over evil, this idea came to my mind;

“I am so happy and enlightened to see such an awesome take of yours about love, life and this connectedness of worldly bodies like us. If you study human history of triumph for thousands of years, you’d find that love always won over the evil but the fight was so brutal that some faint-hearted simply gave in to the evil. It was that mindset which you describe here which did not falter, never lost hope and carried on taking this flag of love and kindness to unforgiving places and people. Fiction writers and their movies and/or literature are usually inspired by this amazingly indescribable strength of love to persist until ultimate success. The fact that you and I are speaking the same language of love and kindness that those people thousands of years ago spoke, is a sign that through ages, it survived and kept on sowing seeds for strong and believing trees like yourself and I. I’d love to interact with you more on the same topic as you seem open to spread this kind of message about the strength of love and kindness. You and I can start some sort of virtual audio podcast to discuss same things and then post those videos and audios for others to enlighten themselves and share their stories too. What do you think?”


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