Why Do We Break The Heart Of The Ones We Claim To Love?

I know there are a million reasons and excuses for these billions of people to commit this eternally hurtful act. I think we set out to find someone to love and then find this or that lacking in them to leave. Aren’t we supposed to complete each other?

Like if I lack the ability to read but I can see. And you can read but can’t see. We can both complement each other and become a complete couple enjoying this life full of love and passion.

The moment I say “I love you” to someone, I’m completely hers, no conditions attached except that she will not cheat on me. Unfortunately, through years not a single one of the flings of mine ever went out of my life without cheating. Strangely it is the only common thing and I wonder what was the need of faking to fall in love with me in the first place?

I know a loveless life is still a life worth living. At least you love yourself. But all these fake individuals come close to you singing all those romantic songs and playing all those love games to give you a sort of high which you start getting used to only to be shocked the heck out of yourself to find out her love being a farce. She was either bored, needed drama or just needed a break from her own challenges.

Whatever the reason, it is the worst thing one can do to the other. I prefer those women who kill their men in their sleep over those who cheat on their men. I know both are evils but killing someone’s heart while he is alive is actually far worse act than murder of any sorts.

I will wonder forever probably!

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