Karmic energy can be a real bitch

I can’t remember last time when I became an INSTANT fan of someone by meeting them physically or virtually. But this write-up, it cracked me up so much that I feel like signing my “ETERNAL FANDOM” to her. Wendy is so funny, elaborate, detail-oriented and totally engaging with every single word of hers that I wish I had met her. Check out this blog post of hers… (Amir bows to the “mostly” part of this single lady) 🙂

Mostly Single

Do you ever feel that sometimes karma from past lives or even your recent past comes back to haunt you? I wasn’t a terrible person in my youth but I made a lot of bad choices in relationships. But I swear, I’ve paid my karmic debt – but the hits keep coming.

And no, I’m not putting out “negative” vibes to the universe. I’ve actually been working on my health and attitude a lot – I’m in therapy for anxiety. I’m writing almost daily. I meditate with music. I’m getting back into Shamanism. I’m eating healthy and getting daily exercise.

So, what the fuck universe? Can you give me a break already? Because this lack of empathy and “no shits given” from people who hate their jobs – I’m tired of dealing with their fuck ups.

Excuse my language. I’m upset and this is a rant.

I actually hung up…

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