Whenever Sleepless

Whenever sleepless, I like to take a walk during the night and like the full moonlight around some water body i.e a lake or an ocean. The serene peace when the whole world is asleep and only I and the whole universe is awake, is amazingly beyond words experience.

Sometimes I want to snuggle in someone’s arms and call from a list of at least 10 ladies in the same town and almost always get lucky. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Whenever Sleepless

    1. Yep…these lilies grow and bloom while watching two lovers kiss each other. They capture the moment in themselves to multiply in the middle of those slowly moving waves of the lake. And I sit there on the same bench where we kissed once, watching these lilies play with the water under the full moonlight. Time stands still there for a moment that is captured by my soul.


      1. There is no reason not to enjoy the water and the lilies that speak to ur soul. Dont share again unless u really ever want to. I have never brought someone to any of my favorite 3 spots to share. And I was inna relationship fir over 20 years

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      2. Loving someone truly has made me stronger than before and I have always brought new women at the same bench trying to relive the same beautiful moment that happened first time with another.

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