Movie Review – How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)

For almost 12 years, I have been waiting for someone to watch this romantic movie with. My heart is now-a-days tickling my soul unusually and probably tonight was one of those rare sleepless nights when I break some of the promises I made to myself. Just finished watching this movie on Netflix and since watching a movie with someone beautiful usually does not do any justice to the movie itself, hence I think I did myself and this movie a great favor by watching it all by myself.

I have been serial dating on a purpose i.e. to never fall in love. This movie connects with my dating adventures so closely except the happy ending part. I have always had whatever I set my eyes upon. This time I think I messed with the wrong yet most beautiful type of thing in this universe i.e. love. As of writing, I’m still messing with it and its working for me but there’s something not right about my usual feelings of winning. Its like I am winning but losing on something huge.

People are awesome but I have always wanted to be different than anything or anyone. In that pursuit I think I might have gone a bit too far now. This movie made me think twice about my take on love which frankly speaking is blank and empty. I don’t know what love is and to prove that to myself, I must have tried a million possible ways to fall in love with hundreds of the most beautiful women out there.

I think its time to wrap this pursuit of “Not love”. Movies can impact your personal lives and I’m glad an awesome-beyond-words movie like this did that to me.

Totally recommended to watch (over and over).

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