I’m Fine


Before asking a question “how are you” to others, I ask it first to myself. And upon my answer depends how I’d form my questions or answers to others. You identified perfectly well how others usually lie in response to such a generic question until one fine day we know how NOT fine they were (sadly). I am very careful in not coming off as too inquisite but after noticing the sadness in anyone’s eyes or beings, I do take my time and try to get them some free time too (I pay if they can’t afford) for us to sit together and enjoy conversation out of which I try to extract things where I can help. All of us have a certain responsibility towards each other just like the ant colony. Let’s never leave anybody alone out there to suffer all by themselves.

A Rough Guide to A Life Reset

“Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. Just don’t look into my eyes”

“Yeah I’m fine”.
Falling apart
Needing help
Everything’s wrong

I’m fine is a response we hear all too often but many don’t pursue it. I’m fine on many occasions is an indicator that something is actually far from fine, usually the person uttering the response, but somehow we quite simply accept this response and rarely pursue the dialogue further. Is this because we genuinely believe it to be true, is it because we are too busy with our own lives to really pay attention, is it because our listening skills have weakened or is it because we don’t care. I’m not sure what’s happened but if my friends and I now hear this response a very loud alarm bell goes off in our heads. If ever there was a trigger to stop…

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11 thoughts on “I’m Fine

  1. Una riflessione interessante, grazie per la condivisione! E scusami se non commento tutti i tuoi articoli, sono tutti davvero interessanti! È solo per mancanza di tempo! Grazie mille anche per la mail che mi hai inviato, davvero apprezzata, rispondo prossimamente.🤗😊


  2. An interesting reflection, thanks for sharing! And sorry if I don’t comment on all your articles, they are all really interesting! It’s just for lack of time! Thank you very much also for the email you sent me, really appreciated, I will reply soon.🤗😊

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    1. Ha ha ha 🤣 its normal since English is my second language too just like you. I very much look forward towards your Email response. Love you 💓


    2. Btw my first girlfriend was of Italian heritage in USA but she did not speak Italian since her forefathers migrated from Italy to USA hundreds of years back.🥰💕


      1. Yep, it was a beautiful story to begin but sadly it ended like many others. Anyways, you are welcome to hear my (true) stories whenever you are free. I have added you in my Facebook and still waiting for my friend request to be accepted by you. If you don’t feel like, I can cancel my friend request and I won’t mind that either 🙂 Have a great day (or night) 🙂


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