Love Languages: Physical Touch

Physical touch is definitely my love language. Quality time comes close to that too since without making time, how is physical touch even possible?

E. G. Bella

What’s your love language?

If you’ve ever read any of Gary Chapman’s Love Languages books 1, or read my blog post last week, you know what I’m talking about. Last week, I explained what love languages are, so if you’d like clarification, head over and read that post here.

For a recap, the five love languages (ways different people prefer to receive love) are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

In addition to briefly explaining love languages, last week I talked about my own main love language: ‘Words of Affirmation’, and what that means in my life. For me, there are two that stand far above the rest in making me feel especially loved. ‘Words of Affirmation’ is first, and the second is ‘Physical Touch’.

Today, I thought I’d share a bit of how ‘Physical Touch’ affects me, and ways that I…

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8 thoughts on “Love Languages: Physical Touch

      1. My books have a nineteenth-century imprint of love, according to the canons of English romanticism. All the small gestures, the looks, the sweet phrases, can become the opening words of a beautiful bond, with transcendental features.😊

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      2. I like this approach of yours (via words) to love. I actually went right in trying to find love in many cultures and countries. Today I write my own experiences and try to reflect via words what I think about love and romance. Do you write the same? I am more interested in reading what you yourself write than reading all of the other since all of my childhood and teenage, I spent reading books like a nerd, never running after girls which I am today in my middle age… ha ha ha … LMFAO!!!


      3. I usually engage in creative writing on my blog and voluntarily exclude the experiences of my past, also because I consider blogging a way to keep them out of my mind. You still gave me some valuable advice to write some articles, perhaps about my childhood.😊🤗

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      4. I look very much forward to your posts about your own childhood and your views and reviews of the philosophical and other writers, books or their views.


  1. Creative writing is like painting a picture via words. Human experiences and interactions are random and dependent upon various controls of our own i.e cultures, religions, our own circumstances and upbringing, etc. This is the reason, autobiographies don’t fully represent someone who they are or who they would love to be.

    My soul is going through emotional trauma since last 12 years because I bought into the idea of Romeo Juliette stories (and movies), and set out in this big huge wide world in search of my Juliette.

    During such hundreds of romantic interactions with women across the world, whatever my soul went through (or still going), I simply narrate the feelings, thoughts and the actual events too without naming the individual.

    For now, I am still looking for her. She is out there, somewhere and my soul has already started to feel her presence which is kind of spooky if you ask the realist inside me. She is my love and I am hers. We will find each other one fine day and this hopeful soul has never stopped looking.

    Whether I find her one day or not, its my efforts that will count. I subjected my body and soul to ache, to bleed, to travel, to suffer, to enjoy and what not in the hands of so many beautiful souls and bodies who made love to me.

    After this adventure to find her is over, and she prepares a cup of tea after our love-making, I will grab my pen again and probably start writing creatively instead of merely narrating my joys and pains through experiences (and experiments).


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