I saw you last night

This cycle (of love and loss) repeated at least 177 times in my life. You’d find love again, I assure you! Just keep believing that you are beautiful for someone who’d cherish you forever, not a time-pass like most of them are out there. Keep hoping and trying until someone knocks your socks off with their true and genuine love.

From the Heart

I saw you with her last night You held her in your arms kissing her lips She had her hands cling on your hair as you kissed her I was standing right there watching you both I wanted to close my eyes but someone held them open I wanted to turn my face but I felt the forceful grip I couldn’t move my face or neck to look away I knew I was forced to look at you I begged the forces to cut me loose I wanted to come and slap you but then again You looked so happy and loved in her arms I then changed my mind to run away I could not fathom how much you seemed to be in love I remembered us that way many years ago I wondered how, when and why this all happened It was just yesterday, when you said you…

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