When the dark clouds hide the sun ….

I have had a relationship with someone who had MS and can totally connect to how you feel about this world in today’s environment. About your questions, I think my inner voice is still busy in telling me to find love out there. Wish I could see world any differently without someone being in my heart. Without that precious being by my side, I think I feel incomplete.

The K word.life

sat at the cross roads …

and no desire to run in any direction ….

I can’t see which way is up and the days pass me by with no rhythm that I recognise… all that was has been stripped away …it feels like Ive lost control ….

It is never easy to keep your balance on a tightrope when the wind is howling around you, suspended over a canyon where the drop would undoubtably bring about a catastrophe if you were to fall ….

so hang on tight is my answer to the predicament every human is facing at the moment , stay focused and concentrate on the horizon looking straight ahead and most importantly please don’t let go because it will be one hell of a mess to try and clean up !!

Its not very often that something happens that unites the whole world in such a…

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