Why Can’t I Pick The Pen To Write Creatively?

Creative writing is like painting a picture via words. Human experiences and interactions are random and dependent upon various factors i.e cultures, personalities, our own circumstances, situations, upbringing, etc. This is the reason, autobiographies don’t fully do the justice to represent someone who they really are or who they would love to be.

My soul is going through emotional trauma since last 12 years because I bought into the idea of Romeo Juliette stories (and movies), and set out in this big huge wide world to look for my own Juliette.

During such hundreds of romantic interactions with women across the world, whatever my soul went through (or is still going through), I simply narrate the feelings, thoughts and the actual events without naming the individual.

For now, I am still looking for her. She is out there, somewhere and my soul has already started to feel her presence which is kind of spooky if you ask the realist inside me. She is my love and I am hers. We will find each other one fine day.

Whether I find her or not, its my efforts that will count. I subjected my body and soul to ache, to bleed, to travel, to suffer, to enjoy and what not in the hands of so many beautiful souls and bodies who made love to me and left a part of themselves behind inside me, making me who I am today.

I wrote somewhere on my own blog;

I am
Sum of
I have been

After this adventure to find her is over, and she prepares a cup of tea after our love-making, I will grab my pen again and probably start writing creatively instead of merely narrating my joys and pains through experiences (and experiments).

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