How To “Totally” Cheat On Your Love?

Just like
Her teaching me

To stop and go
At the

“STOP” sign
She taught me

The word “totally”

A demonstration on
How to “totally”

Cheat on
Your love?

Note: After having lived and worked in two continents, when I moved to USA, I did not know how the “STOP” sign actually works and I was granted a Florida driving license based upon my International license by a black lady who liked me so much while taking the driving test.

Here I was driving with my first date near her home when the red STOP sign came. I stopped as usual seeing other cars stopped there. Now, after two cars left, I was waiting on the only one on the STOP sign to move out of courtesy. I was actually waving my hand smilingly to the older lady driver in that car and she was looking at me with a pissed off face. I did not know why until my date exploded with a scream;

“Go, go… its your turn… gooooo”

I hesitated and then drove away listening to her lecture on “HOW TO STOP AND GO AT THE STOP SIGN” on our turn.

Phew! I used to be so much in love back then 🙂

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