Must watch Films of all time

Thanks a lot Dew for responding to my request about your most favorite movies list. I can already see many movies that I have not watched in there and I’d be thanking you every second of my being while watching them… Love ya! 💖🌹

From the Heart

Recently, a fellow blogger here on wordpress requested that I share a list of my all time favourite movies. The thing with me and films (I prefer to call it a film rather than a movie) is that I tend to mix up the title of the film with the actual storyline depicted in it. But bits and pieces remain in my memory. Because of this I am told that I am blessed as I can keep watching the same movie over and over again even decades apart and I wouldn’t necessarily remember everything. I am a film buff and enjoy a variety of genres.

So here goes my list of some one of my all time favourite films which I have enjoyed over the years.

  1. Love Actually (2003) – this is by far the best Christmas film ever made (in my opinion) I have done a separate review about…

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