Notes from diary, 21/01/2021

Drink water. Stop drinking wine. ha ha ha 🙂 love you and loved your random take on things, events, life and what not in such short words. 🌹💖


I am mixing water with wine to pretend … to pretend that I am not trying to get my mind drunk and numb … so far I have drank 5 glasses of water … water mixed with wine … much like that organic tomato … green capitalism … buy green … but buy … clean energy … yeah, I can tell you thing or two about that … or like those believing that vaccine will save them … maybe from this one … but the next … and from all the thousands that are waiting to be released from the sleeping giant up north that is melting with speed of galloping horse … that Biden will save the America and the world … of course … that we won because now all world hates Trump … Biden is wine mixed with water … vaccine is wine mixed with water ……

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