Who are you?

There are many ways I can describe myself in less than 10 words;

“I am love”

“I am who you think I am not”

“I am sum of everyone I have been with”

“I am fun, the rain, and then I am you too”


As a word-lover – I was given an impossible task as a homework assignment yesterday. Literally, impossible. Not. Fucking. Doable.

Softskills courses have a tendency to get very floaty and hippie-esque at times. Especially when there’s roleplay scenarios involved. I can’t tell you how passionately I hate roleplay. Be it professionally or…winkwinknudgenudge….my acting skills are non-existent and harder to fake than most other things. I can’t do it. And I hate it.

But this course didn’t dive into dramatics. Or what-ifs. Nope. It quickly honed in on on something I’m surprisingly uncomfortable with: myself.

Describe yourself in ten words or less.

And I can’t.

No way, José. There’s just. I MEAN. TEN words? That’s nothing. I can’t even order a meal in ten words or less, let alone capture my essence. Not that I am that complex of a person. I’m not. But ten words is just NOT A LOT.

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