My Words Gave Birth To This Deep Reflection By Eleonora Zizzi

Eleonora Zizzi is an insightful and a very interesting blogger ( from Italy who recently found my blog. Upon seeing two of my poems at “In The Middle Of A Funeral” and “She Fears Every Positive Word“, Eleonora commented with these awesome-beyond-words;

Sometimes love can be ruthless and cruel, so much so that you love people who don’t reciprocate, who don’t respect you, who only know how to hurt you.

Love is a road full of obstacles, before reaching your final goal, your other half, it confronts you with an endless series of people who are not suitable for you who will do nothing but cause you suffering.

Love, by itself, knows no rules.

However, society often imposes a sort of “rigor” on it, as if it wanted to put a stop to it.

From this, from sick, restrained, unrequited loves and above all not listening to one’s need to love, hatred and pain are born.

Love, in its purest sense, does not have attraction that is characterized by the gender of the person but by the positive feelings that it transmits to you.

The distinction between homo and hetero romanticism is only a first phase, of courtship and initial dating, when precisely the gender of belonging can be relevant, but later when you fall in love, this no longer matters and in the privacy of the relationship the roles are exchanged, meet harmoniously.

Seeking forgiveness or awarding it are the steps of love.

It is not explained, but it is learned.

Sometimes we believe that love is only the romantic one.

In reality it is created in many forms, therefore every experience and every person who reveals himself in a sincere and pure way in front of our eyes can become a “school of love”.

Love is also passion in itself and this is the reason why a person feels more attracted to one or the other.

Each perfume that the loved one has a fundamental role in everything that is physical contact, makes us feel good, makes us experience love even more intensely.

Experiencing strong emotional sensations, whatever they may be, always evoke feelings of peace and joy, and the sunset can become the spectator and frame of these sensations.

It’s nice when the love of two people is so strong with jealousy and envy. Sometimes loving also means accepting, accepting that your love has a past and that another person has felt love for it.

Love is, as I write in one of my essays, the deep need for freedom.

Human beings can feel truly free to communicate and receive love.

We impose restraints on ourselves, for fear that this makes us similar to the animal world, but in reality it is a need dictated by the purity of thought and this is what differentiates us.

Eleonora Zizzi

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