What Time Is It?

I was kissing

Anyone I liked

A door opened

The most beautiful

I have ever seen
Grabbed my collar

Pulled me towards her
And kissed me

When done showing me

In a broad daylight

She winked and said
“Is that all or

Do you offer

I looked around
For my escape route

And not finding any
Simply said

“My watch stopped

What time is it?
Cause I got to work”

And she set me

Laughing out loud
At seeing me run

Sweating and without
Ever looking back

Note: Phew! Next time, I won’t dare to kiss anyone… oh my my!

2 thoughts on “What Time Is It?

  1. The kiss is a manifestation of an intimate feeling, it is never forced but the voice of a hidden soul.
    When you feel the strong desire to kiss a person, especially if this kiss is expressed on the lips, then true love is being born or is already alive in us.😊💜

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