Five Years

I would prefer to love before its time to leave this beautiful world full of awesome people.


What would you do if you were faced with your own mortality? Not as an abstract thought, but actually had to contemplate your demise?

Would you change your job? Would you worry more about making money? After all, if the end is coming you want to be able to splurge before you go, or leave a tidy sum behind for your family.

Or would you worry more about making an impact on the world? You want to be remembered fondly in your absence. Or would you simply do whatever makes you happy? I choose to do the job that makes me happy. If the job doesn’t involve great coworkers, an ever changing landscape of work daily to keep me engaged, and a lasting impact on the community, I don’t want it.

Would you change your surroundings? Maybe knowing how short life can be would be all the incentive to finally…

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