Its Her Seeking

In that
Seeking soul

Its not her soul
Since there are

Trillions of them
Its her “seeking”

I seek too

Note: We are all temporary beings carrying these eternal souls that have been jumping from one physical form (a sand dune maybe) to another (a human). We come closer to each other, wrapping ourselves physically around until this or that event or change takes us apart, billions of galaxies away. We continue repeating the same cycle (of love) with different souls and their physical life forms endlessly.

What I have found most interesting is this strength and ability of someone to separate from one soul and then shrug this dust off their beings caused by lots and lots of love-makings, to get ready for another, seek them and then repeat the same cycle until its over again.

Eternity only belongs to our own souls, not to that temporarily coming together due to any physical or universal factors (i.e. infatuation, loneliness, etc). Dusting any soul off our being and getting ready for another coitus with a completely different soul is an act which is looked down in traditional, religious or customary societies as slutty culture.

And it should be looked down at. Let me tell you why?

Let’s presume for a moment that this whole universe is made only to serve your true love for another. You are not made to serve the universe, as a slave accepting every outcome of its confused, errant and totally random clueless acts. There is a certain view of everything in your head, the discipline, the straight line, the obvious, the not-so-obvious and the list goes on and on.

Every soul is NOT complete in itself, otherwise there will be only one soul in or out of this universe. We are all supposed to be couples. There is another half of us out there amongst these trillions of souls. The real adventure or the thrill (and passion) is to find him or her, not to accept defeat and totally feel stuck with someone due to many physical, psychological or worldly reasons.

Free yourself from any chains and go back to being how free you were before mistaking another as your eternal soulmate who is today wasting his/her moments being confused and expecting you to wait on him/her forever.

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