In First 15 Minutes Of Our First Date

In first 15 minutes
Of our

First date
She was quiet

And I was left
To speak

About everything
Except about

Who the heck is

Why are we here
In the first place?

And all those fake

And a goodbye
To never see each other

Boring me
To death

Note: Upon my insisting, she narrated someone else’s words (too dumb to come up with her own) “Avoid those who tell you about their life in first 15 minutes of meeting you“.

Thanks for wasting my 15 minutes btw, lady!

All this effort of more than a month of making phone calls, chats and what not only to have a 15 minutes LOOOOONG first date where I was the only one speaking with too many audience, excluding herself .


2 thoughts on “In First 15 Minutes Of Our First Date

  1. Dating is a means of knowledge and not doors to love.
    Talking and knowing part of his life does not mean creating a stable, lasting and romantic bond.
    In any case, if fate allows it, it is always pleasant to enjoy the charm of the first date, dreaming who knows …

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    1. Yep! dreaming is the most beautiful thing not having too much expectations, except if a dream comes true, then its your luckiest day (or night) 🙂 🤩🥰


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