For the One Come Back to Life

A poet’s tribute to another very loved and cherished (late) poet.

“Your legs above the earth are as strange as your heart sunk below. Do the hills rise into the sky for you? If you can find the secrets in your wounds to open up to me, I will tell them everything you need them to know.”

This passionate tribute testimony that all of us are sewn as pearls along this thread called life and love. We miss many before us, the ones we haven’t met and the many to come. The true pain is in having two souls intertwined through a lucky encounter and then see them go away. I think through words here, she has not let go of such a beautiful love that is probably possible (and impossible for many unlucky ones) for having met by chance.

I think love like that finds you when you have opened the doorway and the arms to your soul. Just be ready, embracing and enjoying its ecstasy like she’s still enjoying through words here despite him having left this Earth before her.

Allison Marie Conway

Tell me about the dance. How you have drawn chalk lines on the floors but all they ever did was spin in circles and trample one another’s feet.

Spread your hands all over me and let me feel the chill of the voices.

How has it been to see in the clouds what has become of the poets, the way people panic now behind a cross of stones. Ever since your song has been laid to rest they all pretend they have forgotten how to sing.

Perhaps it makes it easier to imagine you are not here.

But I still sing as I tap sticks along the fences in my mind (funny how darkness looks in upon itself and names it ‘other’). The quiet of some days is just too much.

Your legs above the earth are as strange as your heart sunk below. Do the hills rise into the sky…

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3 thoughts on “For the One Come Back to Life

  1. Love is, as I write in one of my essays, the deep need for freedom.
    Human beings can feel truly free to communicate and receive love.
    We impose restraints on ourselves, for fear that this makes us similar to the animal world, but in reality it is a need dictated by the purity of thought and this is what differentiates us.

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    1. You have golden words coming out of your soul and heart and I have made them an eternal part of my being and on my blog as well. Love you 🌹💖


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