Run, Girl

Just like trillions of stars, billions of galaxies and unmeasurable amount of planets and comets, all of us humans are wandering from one remote lonely place to another crowded one. Just like how they are not same after collision with another star or planet/comet, I think we do not stay the same after interacting with another. For example, whenever I interact with writers or poets, I try to notice the difference between their writings before and after my arrival in their lives (as audience, co-writer, or anything else). This impact we have upon each other is what makes us who we are. I said somewhere;

“I am sum of everyone I have been with”.

This does not always apply on having had romantic interaction but also with my mentors, teachers, co-travelers, or just about anybody virtually out there.

Allison’s words here make me think that she has not fallen in love yet. She may think that it has happened in various degrees with different people, but her being still terrified is a testament to that awesome and beautiful-beyond-words thing (GREAT love) yet to happen to her being. And after that happens, I would love to see how her words, writings and the outlook of life changes.

Allison Marie Conway

Beyond the painful thoughts which stab and prick underneath my skin, there is a field of beautiful dreams which I create out of desperation or maybe because I have always believed in magic while cursing the manic grief that is the current state of affairs in a world turned bitter and diseased.

The sun glares so bright against the hills of snow I have to squint and shield my eyes for fear of going blind. Everything is covered in shimmering crystal and for a while I know that I am made of it. Clean. Prismatic. That in each ray of light which bounces off of each tiny droplet of frozen water and ice, I exist shining for all to see across the miles.

When the world has all gone to shit and the weight of it on my tiny bones is too much to take, I run off to be…

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