She Must Be Not Having Enough Sex

In a shopping mall, I was picking some groceries and a woman in her 30’s came so close to me that for a minute I thought there were too many people around her. But when I saw around, others were at least 50 feet from us.

I felt a strange attractive aura around her body since she was less than half feet away. She picked up her grocery right next to me and left for another counter. I carried my shopping cart to the cashier and while I was about to reach the counter, she whiz passed me right next to me, again less than half a feet from me, right inside my personal space. I took a step back to give her more space.

I could easily feel the eyes of her body all over my being until she checked out and headed towards parking lot. Right next to my vehicle, was her car parked and there was a another man in the driving seat. Upon reaching her car, I could easily feel her walk transforming from that excited one near me to a tired one near him when she hopped inside their car.

All I could think was that either she was not having enough sex since that aura around her body and being so close to my body twice felt like we were intensely drawn closer to each other. Or maybe I haven’t had mind-blowing sex lately. I mean I am sexually active but some strangers’ bodies are just unforgettable even though I did not touch her.

They must be just another couple who lose the sexual desire after years of being together. Who knows!

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