Freeing Her From Herself

She sought
My promise

To never destroy
Another woman’s life

I was proud of

Having loved and
Spoiled her

For boldly seeking

Such a promise
From someone

Who had inhaled
All of her pains

Freeing her
From herself

Note: Self harm is not necessarily connected to just drugs or sex. It is more about stopping one’s self from falling in love for good. Instead of pretending to having tried many bodies and souls, how about we give another a chance to life and love just like how we give our own body and soul the same chance.

Self love is the first step towards falling in love with another. Self-harming individuals resort to all sorts of projecting their own failures (in love) upon others. A healthy body and soul does not need to seek any promise from outside of their own beautiful selves. Instead, their beauty adds value and a huge amount of positive change in the life of someone who has gotten used to being treated like a trash behind the guise of love.

Once you fall in love with your own self, no amount of abuse from outside can shake you. And at the same time, you don’t walk away from such a difficult relationship behind the guise of seeking a healthier individual. There are billions of people out there and that vicious cycle will never stop since every human being is uniquely beautiful with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Nobody has luxury to lay a claim to choosing and picking from men’s or women’s market as if they are some commodities. Whatever and whoever life brings you, simply be with him or her and let the nature and/or universe take care of the rest.

Love MUST never die like hers did when she sought my promise to never destroy another woman’s life.

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