Why Do I Give A Damn About “Taken” People Faking It?

I have been close to many women who have had boyfriends, husbands, lovers, one-night-stands and what not. And all of them lied about being “taken” or having been in love. None of them had any clue what the heck is love. Maybe for them, love is a mere number but in my dictionary there is only “ONE” love, not that many that they fake it behind the guise of their loved being dead, divorced, confused and/or what not.

I simply don’t buy the concept of one body or soul and many love. I have come close to many such women and found it so easy to make them fall in love with me without me even trying. Its totally a different thing that I did not fall in love with them because in my own dictionary, love is not just the mere act of falling but actually living it through thick and thin of their loved one.

That’s where these women failed themselves, not me. They made all those lofty claims to be there but could not just because? I was NOT their love, duh! They were just faking it or lying it to themselves that I am, when I was someone else’s love only passing through their bodies on my journey towards my own.

Love may seem hard and almost impossible on the surface but for those truly in love, its like wind, air, storms, and what not. Its just like life, totally unpredictable. And how we cope with everything up and down with our lives, we can be exactly like that with our love instead of giving up too early, too soon and too quickly or easily, only to repeat the same cycle of failure with another until not many are left out there to experiment with.

Whenever I go closer to any of these women, first of all I make so much love to them that they start loving themselves like they have never done before. Sort of I try to spoil them to the extent that this comes out of their mouths;

“No man has ever loved me like you did”.

This is like a standard quote that comes out of every woman’s deepest depths that I feel like a robot or a machine hearing it each time. I can stay in the love but these women are usually in a hurry to move on to their next men and I can totally understand it since they were only in love with their own “concept” of love, not me, never me!

My love will find me one fine day or I will find her. And she will never be in any confusion, doubts or at war with her own definition of what love is or should be.

I am love. She is love. We have yet to meet irrespective of how many interactions she or I have had with these confused souls around us.

Never give up on love. It is who you are. And it is who I am!

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