Gifting Me Her Eternal Silence

Gifting me
Her eternal silence

To my question
Do you love me?

She started
Loving her

Beautiful self
That I made

So much love

Note: Long before we are born, and through our temporary existence no matter how long it seems and after we are gone, there’s nothing but a silence that keeps wrapping itself around ourselves until one fine day some stranger appears from out of nowhere, making love to our beautiful beings to bring this awesome song “I love you” by everything (including our own being) singing to us for the rest of our lives. When the whole universe starts feeling loving you from every teeny tiny point of view, then you have successfully found that awesome balance in life for a purposeful existence.

A very short answer to a very long question about existential crisis is “love”, nothing but love for everyone and everything, no matter what.

You can love evil and dark too just because no light can exist or express itself without their existence.

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