Damn You For Being Alone On This Valentine’s Day

By damning these losers, I just made it easy for them to skip reading any further and continue wasting their precious lifetime being confused about love. For the rest of us i.e. loved and the loving ones, we can continue to reflect upon this sad state of (romantic) affairs amongst 7 billion humans.

If anyone says that they could not find someone to love amongst 7 billion humans, then I should start doubting all those awesome feelings I got from kissing and making love to 177 beautiful bodies and souls. From practical point of view, why aren’t those 177 souls in my “harem” today, that’s a totally different topic to discuss on another day.

Let’s focus for now on those poor souls who are blaming everything and everyone today (including themselves) for being alone on this historic day of proudly announcing to the world that you are not only loved one of someone stranger (unrelated to you from family or blood point of view) but also you love that stranger more than anything.

Btw, for lovers like myself, our Valentine’s day exists in every single moment since we kissed or made love to that total stranger. We usually don’t need to set aside one day or a month to express our love since throughout the year(s) we have been celebrating our Valentine’s by showering in the love of one another. Hence, you won’t find our type actually celebrating the Valentine’s day with the vigor and expressionism like the media portrays.

13 years ago, if you’d have met me, I’d be celebrating every Valentine’s day with my first love i.e. computers. Probably a reason of my continued interest in a robotic sex doll like “Samantha” depicted very well in a 2013 Hollywood movie “Her”.

What changed 13 years ago? How did I change my views from celebrating Valentine’s days with sex robots to enjoying it with humans instead?

Back in 2007, I had a usual defense-related contract in USA and my flight was scheduled for the night. While packing my stuff, I noticed my mother standing in my door. She had tears in her eyes while watching me pack. That was strange since she never had tears as I have been globe-trotting since 1991 on my professional assignments. I stopped packing my stuff and took my mom to a chair to make her comfortable.

I asked her why are you crying? Is everyhing alright? She said, “Everything is alright thanks to you. You care about everyone and nobody cares about you.” Upon hearing this, I got shocked as I had never needed anyone to take care of me since she had herself raised me as this totally independent individual. Upon my insisting about what particular “caring” is she talking about, she said;

“Do you see how I take care of every tiny thing about your dad? I want someone to take care of you exactly the same way.”

Now, I was 36 at the time, in perfectly good health, financially and professionally on the top of my own trade. Seeing nothing or nobody’s need in my life, I got perplexed. She continued on saying;

“I want you to find a woman for yourself who will take care of you like I do for your father.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. She taught me how to knot my own shoelaces. She herself taught me how to cook, clean, and almost anything imaginable to be this ultra-independent. And still her insisting upon me finding another woman for taking care of those tiny things was a little confusing and in some way, it still is. Money can buy any sort of cook, nurse, or even a hooker from Las Vegas (they are far more interesting in that Sin City than anywhere else in this world).

I continued being confused about what my mother was pointing to. Why do I need someone to take care of me?

Anyways, upon seeing her tears, I promised her that I will find myself a woman who will take care of me and flew the same night to USA. Within 48 hours of my arrival in my five star hotel which was booked for me by the US defense contractors, I signed up for Yahoo Dating. Within 15 minutes of me browsing through a few nearby profiles, I got the message from my first date to call her.

The rest is a history of 13 years dating which is totally off-topic. I did find and lose love hundreds of times since then. Today I know what my mom was talking about since I had started celebrating my Valentine’s days with actual humans instead of sex robots (computers).

That may change in the near future, btw (bling bling) 😜

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