A Secret From Demons Of People

Keeping my love
A secret

From demons of

I kept on


Lots and lots of


Until she saw
And felt it

Recognizing herself
For who she was

Note: When you meet a total stranger, she is totally indulged either in her past or trying her level best to recreate or rebuild a brand new version of herself when she is already the best and the most unique thing that has ever happened to this universe.

Just go closer to her, ignoring her throwing all sorts of fits to push you away. And let her know in every single and minute moment how beautiful she is, and how much you love her more than anything. Hearing all this from a total stranger like yourself, she will one fine day, pause and think.

Making her think is your goal. She is already love, but other people’s demons confuse her. Make so much love to her that she will start seeing herself EXACTLY how you look at her i.e


One fine day, you’d also become “The luckiest man on planet Earth” to have her by your side to enjoy every sunset together, kissing each other, in an awe of life, love and the beauty of this universe.

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