I really gotta do this alone?

LMFAO @ “Signed Doom to grow old and die alone”.

Such an interesting and totally a catch for any lucky guy can’t possibly end like that. This temporary phase of being alone and dating is very interesting to watch, especially when one is expressive like her.

SaltofThaEarth 🥀

I guess I gotta do this alone…

At 5:29 am I am up and thinking about stuff. Wondering if momma is feeling better in the hospital after lying in the bed too weak to get up for 4 days straight…the morning of the 4th day I woke her and she proceeded to vomit what looked like coffee grounds. Due to my prior experience of witnessing my ex throw up what looked like coffee grounds I knew that could be serious, so I called the ambulance. Once the ambulance arrived I noticed the people who are helping me are all attractive  I even commented on the blonde with the nice glue on lashes,”Gosh! Paramedics are way more attractive these days!” Afterwards, I scanned the room to see that indeed they were all attractive! All four paramedics and the two firefighters! Smh!

I’m feeling my age of half a century…

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