A Garment On Their Naked Soul

To bring
Someone’s animal out

Strip them off

Their power to think
And act

Which is like

A garment on their
Naked soul

Note: Pissing someone off is an art with which some people are either born with or they can learn too. During martial art self-defense training of my teenage years, our teacher encouraged us to tease our opponent so much that he/she loses their cool and calmness to the extent of forgetting their fighting techniques and becoming a raging bull, hence an easy target for us to apply our learned techniques upon them for an ultimate defeat.

Sadly, this world is full of so many losers and attention-seekers that no matter how much you believe in (Gandhi-style) non-violent peaceful co-existence, you’d end up with no choice but to fight and win over one of these stupids who are a sheer waste of time, flesh, blood and a soul. Ignoring them sometimes is not an option, unfortunately.

Dale Carnegie’s philosophy of “being prepared for the worst while expecting the best” can help you stay positive during any sort of interaction with humans out there. That positive (self-defense) weapon hidden deep inside your soul will help you protect from the most messed up animals (who look like humans) out there.

Having said that, I have always wondered about my own animal how he/she looks like. Nobody, including me has ever seen it. I may have felt it sometimes but never allowed it to overcome my power to think and act positively.

Maybe after I am dead, I’d let this animal out to haunt those women in their dreams who cheated on me. That is probably the only use of my animal that I can think of.

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