I gotta shrink myself (continues)

Me:”I had a husband that did try and spoil me like my daddy. I resented him for trying to buy my affections.”

“It was a disservice to me to keep me from suffering the consequences of my behavior when needed. It taught me to give little consideration to others. In my dating relationships I operated on a mildly narcissistic level. Mine was the only viewpoint that I considered. It would always puzzle me, once things began to fall apart, why I couldn’t ever seem to stay in a loving partnership.”

Wow! The above words are a superb example of a soul-searching. Totally floored by seeing her humility and the courage to first fix herself than trying to fix everyone else outside of her.

SaltofThaEarth 🥀

img_4600-1DrFeelGood: “When last week we concluded there were a couple of points that I believe we should revisit.”

Me: “Ok doc! Those points are what exactly?”

(DrFeelGood looks over his notes, and reads aloud softly to himself)

“Let’s see, Daddy issues and homework.Ok let’s start there!”

Me: “Where? The issues?”

Dr: “Sure! What do you consider to be ‘Daddy Issues’?”

Me: “Well you know that it means?”

DrFeelGood cuts me off and says.

DrFeelGood: “I am aware of how it is defined. I am more concerned with your thoughts.”

Me: “I lost my daddy suddenly, when I was 14 years old. I was daddy’s girl! He gave me everything I wanted, and even protected me from my mom when she wanted to discipline me!”

This practice of keeping my momma from snatching my ass when I needed it, I don’t think was the best idea. Momma and I are still…

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