A Little Appreciation

A little appreciation

Being thankful

Someone’s selfless

Goes a long way

Encouraging more
To join this

Already squeezing

Human specie

Where money has
Become a God

Note: Each time, I see a bulb, I want to thank the present day heirs of Thomas Edison. And the same applies onto every other thing that made my personal life easy and simple. Totally in an awe of human ingenuity. Only if we could stop fighting amongst each other and benefiting everyone through millions of unselfish ways.

These words came to my mind after someone out of thousands actually took time to thank me through these priceless words for one of my humble efforts to benefit humanity by saying this;

“OMG have spent weeks trying other things online found this page 2 mins and it worked but will it keep going off easy fix this way but I don’t want to be doing it daily but other things on web are too complex this took me 2 seconds.”

Abbie Appleby


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