She has stopped blogging only due to this issue. Unfortunately, until you can return rude people’s comments with equally hostile ones, a normal human being ends up quitting something wonderful (i.e. blogging) altogether. I so desperately want to see and read how wonderful souls like her feel about this universe, themselves and their lovely interactions with humans, situations, etc. But thanks to many losers, we are all kept from seeing a soul’s wonderful life experiences through a blog. I’d love to motivate, increase their self-confidence to start narrating their life lessons for all of us to learn from.


I’ve been struggling with this for a while. I try and start a post about it but I can’t find the words to even explain the issue I am having. As the title of this post suggests my issue surrounds commenting on other people’s posts.

I always read the blogs of the people I follow. My problem is commenting. I have an internal dialog which goes along the lines of this:

“… I want to comment, they are having a hard time, give them some support. But what do I say?! I can tell them I’m here for them and offer my thoughts but another person has already said what I want to say so that person will just think I’m copying them. They will think that I can’t even have my own opinion on something. The person who posted the blog will think I’m pathetic that I don’t come…

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