Food And Sleep

In this world and life, there are only two things I love to the core of my being i.e. food and sleep. The other day while driving to my favorite breakfast restarurant, I was about to beat up a staring driver in a road rage event when I realized that even though I have had good sleep, but my stomach is empty.

When I am properly fed and have had enough sleep, only then my brain operates normally. Otherwise, I avoid making any decisions until I catch up on these two important things.

I still remember those staring eyes and I so much wanted to tear them off that body and see if they can still stare at me while in my palm.

Who knows that poor driver might not have had enough sleep or food just like me.

Compassion baby! 🙂

Note: I have never raised my hand onto anyone despite being physically and mentally trained in all sorts of military and martial arts. Just in case a picture of violent me came to your mind.

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