Social Media Has Replaced Real Life For Good

I visit a friends circle quite often, as “often” in my dictionary can start anywhere from daily to once in a year or a decade. Anyways, one of our friends’ father died and I was still in the town. They buried him and a few weeks later when I paid them a usual happy, smiling visit, they shocked me with their father’s death and burial news. I protested about not being informed and all of them were kind of surprised at hearing me protest as according to them, they had posted it all on all possible social media sites.

Only if they knew I don’t use social media except this blogging of my emotions, technology tips and random thoughts.

Oh well! Probably time to find another group of friends where things are more real than virtual like that. And the irony is that I’m myself a geek who is supposed to be more shy, introvert, and a social media freak.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Has Replaced Real Life For Good

    1. You’re welcome. Btw, the “hot” sounds more interesting than the Goddess part in your nickname here 🤩Wish this world could go back to more interpersonal relationships than virtual ones. But hey, its still good for meeting new people like you and I…💕


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