The Second-Worst Year of My Marriage

Unknowingly, all of us start wearing on each other slowly and steadily. Until one fine way we realize life is nothing without the presence of the other. In addition to us being social animals, there seems a strange bond called love between two strangers that starts becoming stronger by every passing day.

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Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

No doubt about it, I consider 2019 to be the second-worst year of my thirty-year marriage. The worst year was back around 1994, and is a long complicated story for another time. It was the catalyst for our eventual move to Nova Scotia.

In order to understand why I consider 2019 to be such a bad marriage year, here is a little back story. The Doc and I moved in together in 1986. He was legally separated at the time and I was in love because this man was gentle and cooked and wasn’t anything like my chauvinistic brothers. I became an instant stepmom to his boys, who we had three out of four weekends a month and during all our vacations. It seemed as if we hit the ground running and didn’t stop. Our life revolved mostly around our jobs, the kids and…

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