You Know What?!?!

I heard her ““I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”. Did you? 🙂

Optimism and Caffeine

I started a post earlier today wondering out into cyberspace if I would be able to handle today- Saturday night. I changed my mind. I am not going to question my ability to deal because I know that I am more comfortable realizing and accepting my limits. Besides, after resting a little bit after work today I totally slayed the rest of my evening. I even applied for an amazing full time position (more to come on that!) and successfully completed some math in Whimzy’s new curriculum with an open mind. I abhor math, but if I need to be more open minded and receptive to new information about it for Whimzy, I will do it. Well, I already did do it…

Also, my mattress at Oxford was terrible. I would be in pain all week, sleep at Ty’s, start feeling better and then have to go back to the…

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