Godaddy Installatron WordPress Stuck At /wp-admin/?page=wpem Theme Selection

Whenever you try to use Godaddy’s built-in installatron to install WordPress, it gets stuck at the selection of theme or template.

Here’s how you can fix this issue with WordPress on Godaddy templates;

Option 1 (Quick)

Open a new tab and type; (Replace “website” with your own domain name)

Option 2 (Tweaking WordPress)

Login to your Godaddy account and click on “My Products” from drop-down menu at your username on top-right hand corner of the screen. Next, click “Manager” in front of the “Web Hosting” as below;

Next, click “cPanel Admn” button and select “File Manager” from the next screen;

In the “public_html” folder, browse to your DOMAIN.COM website folder and click “wp-content” folder. On the right-hand, right-click “mu-plugins” folder and select “Rename”;

Enter new file name as “mu-plugins-abc” and click “Rename File” button when done;

That’s all. Now you can enter this URL and manager your WordPress blog’s dashboard via Admin;

If the above solution fails, you can try replacing “admin” user option at the time of installation with a random username i.e “adbew884” or anything that comes to your mind except the word “admin.

Further, there might be an issue with your SSL certificate or settings as well. Try turning it on or off while installing WordPress.

And finally, keep the default INSTALLATRON options to be changed or customized only after successful installation.

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