Life Goes On

There are couple of thoughts that I want to get off my chest before I start rambling as usual;

She will come
Close to you

By saying
“You are so beautiful”

Only to show you
How ugly you are!

And another thought;

Before breaking up
With me

She must have had
To break up

With herself

The first one talks about two strangers who come close enough to see each other’s true colors. Actually, both of them have their own colors (no matter how true or false they are), that makes them a couple for distant eyes. Because if both had same color, there won’t be a couple, rather only one entity which is impossible to exist since that one entity can only be this universe (or popularly known as God) in whom all colors combine and still they don’t separate from each other, calling each other ugly or not happy sitting right next to them. Most people commit suicide when their closest loved ones call them ugly.

The second verse talks about a woman who married (and divorced) many men, traveled the world, only to be killed by her own son and brother in her old age to grab her wealth she had accumulated over decades. She was one of the most beautiful women but unfortunately, her beauty became her curse as is usual with most of the beautiful people.

Now, those two thoughts aside, I had been away from my home for a week or so on my usual wanderlust in this beautiful world and its strange creatures. Today, when I came home, I wanted to connect to my local WiFi but could not since the password had been changed. And when I tried to find out, the password was strangely this;


Someone’s innocent life must have had a close brush with sadness and survived, hence such a weird yet meaningful password.

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