Duplicate or Clone A WordPress Page Or A Post Without Any Coding Or Plugins

Here’s how you can create a new WordPress page or post based upon an existing one;

Login to your WordPress dashboard via https://website.com/wp-admin and click “Pages” and the “Edit” option under an existing page that you wish to based your new page upon (to be copied, duplicated or cloned);

On top-right-hand corner, click the three dots and select “Code Editor”;

Next, select all via keyboard Ctrl+A and copy via Ctrl+C or right-click the code to select copy command. When done, exit code back to the dashboard ignoring any changes. You can also press “Update” button;

In the dashboard, under “Pages”, clcik”Add New”;

Next, select “Code Editor” by clicking three dots on top right hand corner and in the body of the page, enter Ctrl+V or right-click “Paste” the preciously copied code. Click Publish when done;

Now you should have a cloned or duplicate copy of a WordPress page successfully published on your blog or website.

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