Remove Or Modify WordPress Footer Credit

When you install or enable a WordPress theme, a footer credit is automatically added in pages and posts which usually looks like this “Proudly Powered By WordPress”;

. Here’s how you can replace default WordPress footer in any theme without any coding;

Login to your WordPress Dashboard;

Click on the Plugins option on the left and click “Add New”. Next, enter “Remove Footer Credit” by WPChill and install/activate it;

Next, click Tools –> Remove Footer Credit;

In the Settings Step 1, copy/paste the default footer text you wish to modify and in the Step 2, click the Text tab and enter your desired footer credit. Click “Save” when done;

Next, in the browser address bar, refresh your website by entering question mark at the end of it i.e.

You should see the footer automatically changed across all of your WordPress theme’s pages and blog posts.

To completely remove the WordPress footer credit, simply leave the “Step 2” text box empty.

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