Kissing Her Lying And Stinky Mouth

This racist and
Cheating bitch

Wanted me to go back
To my country

And fuck
Loyal women there

Instead of her
Abused vagina and

Kissing her
Lying and stinky mouth

Note: This white trailer trash living off state welfare actually tried to match her forefathers with mine. I mean it was so crazy, I felt what’s wrong with my choice of women in whom my bare minimum choosing standard was two boobs and a vagina, no matter how abused or those pity party stories she tried to sell me. Btw, her drools while sleeping used to be so stinky that I’d run to washroom to vomit instead of trying to kiss her. Upon seeing my money, she had started to eat meat lately abandoning her vegetarian lifestyle. Gold-diggers come in all shapes and sizes, hers was A+++ size… Phew!! Depression and kids out of wedlock do that to your body, I suppose.

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