A Bit Of Honesty In A Dishonest World 🌎

Totally agree with Nikki here. I have always wondered what is difference between being “merely” honest, “bluntly” honest or “too” honest”. Where’s the gray line to draw for people to not get hurt by our views, feelings, etc? This fake pleasing culture sometimes gets too much for our conscience to bear and we opt to create distance with such people on our way to find new people who’d be different (but alas, its the same ole’ story each time).

Oh well, keep being yourself and let the world (and its fake people) go to hell!


In life it is most important to stop the chatter of misunderstood voices…honesty is a rare commodity something most people lack! Right wrong or indifferent i pride myself on being completely honest even at the stake of falling down..

People can take a lot away from you in life but they can’t take away your soul! Having a good heart and a pure soul is the golden ticket in life…

I do wonder sometimes if we truly have complete control over our own lives or do we roll with the punches too much..we are so quick to please sometimes that we loose ourselves our dreams our hearts in the shuffle..

Pondering today where I got lost in the shuffle! 🤔

Rectifying it may be harder then I once thought ❤

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