What brought you the sadness at seeing that old lady alone was the “absence” of the moment which belonged only to two of you, not your family, friends, neighbors or whoever you were with at that given moment. See, we might be strangers in this imperfect world but before and after this world, we were and will be these free souls who’d jump to hug each other, loving, talking, “being” and what not. Lucky are those who can actually live that sort of awesomeness in this world full of fears, strangers and what not.

Andrada Costoiu

by Andrada Costoiu

Photo: “Alone” , by Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan

Last night we were at the mall. It was past 7, it already got dark and but the artificial light was bathing this little place of the world with its sweet honey color.  We were seating on a bench, waiting for a dinner table. We didn’t make dinner reservations and there was a waiting list. It was a beautiful night, calm, people were walking, kids were playing. 

And then I saw her.

An older lady, in her late 70s or she might have been 80. I cannot accurately guess her age. She was elegantly dressed, all black, black pants and a black long sleeve top. She was wearing heels, not high but mid heel pumps. Over her black top she had a big piece of costume jewelry necklace. Her white hair was short, puffy, a bit like Jane Fonda. It was beautifully…

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