A Militant Human

She was
A militant feminist

I was

The usual
A militant human

Who won?

Note: Just in case “A militant human” registered only terrorism in your stupid brain, then you’re already either the militant feminist or the best candidate for that. There are humans who are extremely and militantly “human” driven by their own drive of humanity so much that they do give attention to these worthless attention-seeking bitches totally disregarded by the society to rot in eternal loneliness and die without anyone knowing whether they existed at all on this planet Earth.

Such a waste of human flesh and soul is too saddening for me and I do give them all the attention, time and money (especially to gold-diggers) only to hear their fake love/victim stories, see them shedding fake tears (and fake orgasms) in a hope they’d turn another individual (like myself) as hideous and deceptive like themselves.

That is the best possible entertainment show you can enjoy from up-close behind the guise of fake love these hideously deceptive bitches try to come off.

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