How To Block Someone On

Here’s how you can block attention-seeking and time-wasting trolls or unwanted users, followers, their E-mail addresses and their websites or IP addresses including their comments on;

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click “Users” on left menu. Next, click “Followers”. Next to the username, click “Remove” button and in the confirmation box, click “Remove” button again;

Next, click Settings on the left menu and click “Discussion” tab. Make sure these discussion settings are enabled;

  • Users must be registered and logged in to comment
  • Comment must be manually approved (under “Before a comment appears)

At the bottom, enter the username, Gravatar username (, their E-mail address and IP/website address in the “Disallowed comments”. Click “Save Settings” when done;

Just make sure you enter the blocked username in the Disallowed comments settings as below;



In addition to above, you can use online reporting tool provided by;


9 thoughts on “How To Block Someone On

  1. Unfortunately, the address that keeps following me every time I remove it is not a WordPress address (the person does NOT have any webpresence except a page with a Gravatar). WordPress said they can’t act upon it because it’s not a WordPress account!!! How can I stop that entity from constantly following me the day after I remove him/it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    1. Are you talking about hosted blog i.e. or a separately self-hosted WordPress site i.e. on another host i.e. GoDaddy, etc?


      1. Some stalkers won’t leave your blog hosted on alone, no matter how many times you remove it from the Followers list in the Settings dashboard. The only solution to this is to enter their username and @username in the disallowed comments and they won’t be able to post any comment on your site. And let these attention-seeking trolls view your website since its already public for everyone else. however should be able to devise way to fix this.


      2. Thank you for your reply, it’s not about comments, as that would be possible to avert, it’s about a dodgy entity continuing to follow me every time I remove it. I complained to the forum, and they wrote back saying it is an existing account, but, if you click on it, nothing happens, it is a phantom account. Meaning it is just a stalker/hacker or some visual waste like that. I tried telling that to the forum email, but they don’t allow replies. It is a fake account that is hidden/a facade for God-knows-what, yet, they claim it exists. You can see for yourself, here is the page
        and the name they use to follow me (which is always without a link) is edwardlorilla2234towerbloggercom,
        Thank you ever so much for taking the time to help me.


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